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Stop Singing the Don't-Know-How-to-Pray Blues

Transform your life with single sentence prayers

Welcome to the 21-Day Prayer Refresh™

A three week email sequence, where each day you'll try a new short prayer to pray as you go about your day.

Less than three minutes a day to a revitalized prayer life.

If you feel like a prayer beginner, you've come to the right place. The Prayer Refresh starts at the beginning!

The Prayer Refresh was so life-changing, perspective-shattering and breathed so much, much needed life into me and our home that I have been missing and longing to go through it again. Regularly. Like monthly. —Amanda

And if you feel more comfortable in your prayers, you'll still find something new in the Prayer Refresh. The head of intercessory prayer for the college ministry InterVarsity wrote:

I LOVE WHAT YOU ARE WRITING! It's brilliant! I want everyone I know to read it. Please keep it up. —Connie

Start to include these short prayers in your life, and you will be astonished at how much your life changes in the weeks and months to come.

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    Jesus wanted his Father's household to be a household of prayer for all nations. Thanks for answering his heart's cry.


    I have been LOVING the Prayer Refresh. I have been sharing tidbits with my boys and Liam especially loved the one about praying in different postures. He has been praying with eyes open and his hands up in the air! He said, “I love praying with my eyes open! It reminds me what food to thank God for!” Then he said, “I am going to pray laying down in my bed for the WHOLE nap time!” —Larkin M.


    I feel like it should be a desire of all believers to pray but it’s such a unnatural thing to do. I feel like it’s such a habit building process but building a habit is sooo hard because it takes time and discipline. However, 20 days into this Refresh, I have been loving how I pray more and the peace coming with it. God is at work and with us at all times. I feel His presence so much more. —Jenny C.


    I have been LOVING your Refresh emails each day. You have truly taken down the facade that prayer is daunting and requires a lot of hours. I used to think that I really needed a whole hour to be still and really become “right” before the Lord for it to mean anything. I am grateful for the way you have helped me to take advantage of every moment. —Elena S.


    I’ve been struggling lately with so many things that have negatively affected my prayer life. These emails have been a saving grace on more than one occasion. Please know that I’ve been greatly encouraged by these emails and can’t thank God enough for allowing me to be part of this. —Andrea C.


    I love how you started from the beginning for anyone to join in no matter what they know about prayer. Even if I had heard the information before, it was really nice to be reminded. That being said, I LOVED it when you DID get all theological and talked about the Celts and the flaw of the excluded middle. I was loving that you were teaching me things I didn't know. —Wendy E.


    I have really been encouraged by your emails. They are fantastic! It sounds like others have been finding them helpful as well. So many people struggle with prayer and I know this will help a lot of people enjoy the great privilege we have to pray. —Todd C.


    “Stimulating.” —John L.


    “I’ve been doing more self-reflection.” —Robert S.


    “I love them.” —Julie S.